The end for now

Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Teach a man to cycle and he will realize fishing is stupid and boring.

Desmond Tutu.

Well, thats it folks, the bike is all packed up and I’m back to work in Dublin on Monday morning.  So for now this blog ends – maybe if I do come back to finish the route I’ll revive it.  I had hoped to do the entire route from Banff to Antelope Wells , but I always knew it would be a stretch in the time I had available – I’m no athlete and while the record is just over 17 days by Matthew Lee even a pace of about one third of his is probably beyond me.  It would have also helped if I hadn’t been constantly side-tracked by all the interesting things to see and do along the route.  But I’m happy enough with having completed something like 1,900 miles of the 2,700 mile route, plus the few hundred miles of road riding I did in southern Colorado and New Mexico.  In a few weeks I will come back and tidy this blog up and add some thoughts in the hope it will be some use to anyone thinking of doing the Divide route in the future, it was certainly useful for me to look through other peoples blogs to get an idea of what was ahead of me.  But thats a task for those long winter evenings ahead. 

Many thanks to everyone who has shown an interest at looking at the blog, any suggestions for the next trip are always welcome!  Special thanks to those who gave advice and help along they way, including Rocket Scott, Cass, Eric, the Bionic Dude, various riders I met on the way, and the staff of some great bike shops including the Glacier Cyclery, the Outdoorsman in Butte, Orange Peel in Steamboat Springs and Scot in Absolute Bikes in Salida.

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6 Responses to The end for now

  1. lawless says:

    Have a safe trip home!

  2. Gromit says:

    Bravo 🙂 Have a safe journey!

  3. gyatsola says:

    Thanks! I just checked the weather forecast in Ireland, it seems I’m coming home to lots of rain and wind, oh how lovely!

  4. Eats Wombats says:

    What a small world it is. There I was, reading thinking about how I’d send my friend in Australia a message saying “Thanks for the Fukishima blog link. I’ll see you and raise you a visit to Chernobyl” when, what’s this… PhilipD’s avatar??


    Be the hokey, as my granny used to say. I hope to be in Dublin one of these days (June/July). I could stand you a pint.

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