A diversion to Flagstaff

Enough of this cycling around everywhere, for a couple of days I hired a car to visit Flagstaff, Arizona, to do a little hanging out and mountain biking with Cass of the whileoutriding blog.  Santa Fe and Flagstaff look close on a map of the USA but its  something like a 380 miles drive each way!  Still, it was fun to drive through the amazing landscapes west of Albuquerque and into Arizona.  From Flagstaff we drove up to an area called Snowbowl and spent a few hours riding the trails there.  Its like being a proper mountain biker for a while, driving to a carpark and cycling around in circles, none of this silly attempting to cross continents type business.  But it was still fun, and the landscapes there are amazing, a mix of grassland, pine and aspen making for a wonderful mix of settings for the trails.  I’d have taken more photos of the area, but I was too busy trying to keep up and not fall off. 

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