And the wind blows…..

Overheard at lunch in the only restaurant in Antonito, Colorado:

Customer, while holding up something between his fingers: “waitress….”

Waitress: “Whats that?”

Customer: “Well, I was hoping you’d tell me. It’s hard, and it was in my meatloaf”.

Waitress, after looking closely: “Oh, that’s only grease”.

She walked off, and that was that.


My progress to Santa Fe is slower than expected! After two days riding, I’ve been all day in the tiny town of Antonito, about 120 miles south of Salida, and just short of the border with New Mexico. I arrived last night and was all set to leave early this morning when a huge gale hit, literally blowing tumbleweed down the Main Street. I belatedly checked the weather forecast and saw that a huge storm is over the whole region – winds with gusts up to 50 mph expected, along with sleet and snow. So I decided that it wasn’t the best day for a 60 mile ride to a camping place in a National Forest some 50 miles south.

And so far it has been a very wild and stormy day, with one ferocious blast of sleet at lunchtime. And this area supposedly has the highest percentage of sunshine in the US! I thought it would be much warmer this far south of the Colorado mountains, but its actually cold and getting colder. But while tomorrow is supposed to be very windy, the storm has mostly passed, and sunshine is predicted for later in the week.

So while there is little or nothing to do in this town (even the library is only open Thursday to Saturday), I’m staying in a nice place, a tiny accommodation only hotel dating from 1911 which seems to be run more as a hobby than a going concern by the owner. Unfortunately, the only place for dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow is the place with grease balls in the meatloaf…..

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