After three days and another 150 odd miles I’m in that rarity in the US, a hostel, run by an English Couple here in the scarily upmarket ski resort town of Breckenbridge. It is a lovely town, all scrubbed up waiting for the snow and the hordes of tourists who will arrive with it. I intended to stay in or near Silverthorne, 16 miles south, but I thought I’d make tomorrow a little easier by doing more today. After breakfast tomorrow I tackle the highest Divide crossing on the whole route, the Boreas Pass at 11,482 feet (3,500 metres). My next stop, Salida, is 2 or maybe 3 days riding further on. Rain and sleet is predicted for Monday so I have to push on as fast as I can.

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2 Responses to Breckenridge

  1. lawless says:

    *waves* It’s been fun following your progress, although I’ve been bad about remembering to check your blog. Now that your trip is nearing an end, I’ve finally requested updates. XD

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