Steamboat Springs, Colorado, 6th October

After two very tough and one sublimely easy riding day (150 miles from Rawlins), we arrived this afternoon in the lovely ski and mountain biking resort of Steamboat Springs, northern Colorado. The tough road conditions were made even worse by the notorious Wyoming headwinds. We arrived just as a huge thunderstorm blew up. I’ve been very fortunate so far with the weather, but it seems winter is definitely arriving. I’ll stay here two or more days for a bit of rest and recovery and planning the way forward – some of the high passes ahead may be snowed out by the weekend if some predictions are right, so it seems detours are inevitable.

(update, 8th October):

I like this town a lot – its dominated by a huge ski resort, with the ski jump ramp visible everywhere in town, but until the snows arive its both a center for local ranchers and a mountain bike paradise.  Colorado has a very different feel from Wyoming – everyone seems into outdoor sports, the town is full of cool bars and cafes and very friendly.  It even has a bike factory, the super cool upmarket brand, Moots.  And to top it all, it has hot springs. 

Steamboat Springs also has a great library (where I’m sitting now).  It my kind of town. So I’ve decided to stay a few days.

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