Road ahead – 28th September

Just a quick update on where I’ll be – I’ve met up with another Divide rider here and most likely we’ll set off tomorrow for the long (220 mile) and very remote section to Rawlins, southern Wyoming.  I’m not sure if I’ll stay there, I may just move directly on for the 2-3 day ride into Colorado.

So for most of this week I won’t be in email contact.  For those who have tried calling/sms’ing me, I can say categorically that O2 roaming is crap.  I got a connection once in the last month, in Ashton – whatever local partner O2 use, don’t ‘do’ rural and small town America.  So I doubt my phone will be useable in any but the larger towns.  So the only way of contacting me is email, and it’ll be days until I get that.

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