Cowboy Dudes

I’m in Wyoming now, what a change from Idaho! First days riding was a little tedious, a 50 mile ride on broken up and washboarded roads in forest between Yellowstone and Teton nation parks. I was surprised to see all the little campsites close to Yellowstone were full. I found the reason when I got to Flagg Ranch, the recommended campsite – it closed for the season. Seems bizarre to me to close a campsite, but that’s what the commercial operators do here. Fortunately I found a nice national forest campsite a few miles further on, before it got dark. I woke up to find the tent and bike encrusted with frost and ice, I guess I’ll have to get used to this for the next few weeks.

Yesterday was a complete contrast – all on road, through magnificent scenery along the Grand Tetons. The roads are a little hairy, as they are full of RV’s and caravans, with drivers paying more attention to the scenery than the road. I even ran into a traffic jam caused by a grizzly bear- everyone stopped to photograph it as it foraged a few hundred metres from the road. I told one photographer that it’s an old grizzly trick, one parades for the photographer while his mate comes around the other side to steal stuff from the parked cars. I think he almost believed me.

I intended to camp further on the road, but I stopped for a coffee at a Dude ranch (this is real cowboy country, its full of them) and succumbed to the temptation of a hot shower and a bed so I stayed in one of the little cabins they have here. And it is indeed full of city folks, playing out their cowboy fantasies.

Im a bit behind schedule as usual, but with luck I’ll be in Pinedale, the next stop, in 3 days.

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4 Responses to Cowboy Dudes

  1. Gromit says:

    An old grizzly trick?..really?

  2. Vili Maunula says:

    I remember reading somewhere that spring moves in the United States at approximately the speed of 1 mile an hour (in the UK it was, I think, about one third of a mile per hour). Assuming that this is true also of winter, if you cover more than 24 miles per day, you should be able to keep ahead of the white lady!

    Or maybe not.

    Anyway, it’s been great following your journey so far. “Ganbatte” (as they say in Japan) for the coming days, and keep posting whenever you can!

    • gyatsola says:

      I hope thats true! The unexpected thing is that its much hotter here in central Wyoming, even at altitude, than it was further north in the Yellowstone area. I think I’ve been lucky with the weather so far – its still in the high ’20’s in the ski resorts in Colorado, according to the forecasts I’ve seen. I’ve a pile of cold weather clothes in my bag weighing me down which I haven’t used yet… I’m hoping they stay in the bag!

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