Into Wyoming – 22 September

I’m leaving Ashton today, I should be crossing into Wyoming just south of Yellowstone by this afternoon. I’m told Montana is the toughest riding, but some of the profiles ahead don’t look good! Im going into sparsely populated uplands again. The only town on the way is Pinedale, about six days riding away – unless I take a detour to Jackson in the Teton National Park, which is supposed to be very beautiful, but I don’t think I have time for it. Otherwise, it’s only camping and occasional villages. Even after Pinedale, its another long and very remote stretch to Steamboat Springs in Colorado. When I get there- in maybe 2 weeks or so, I’ll know if Im going to be able to have a go at completing the full route.

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4 Responses to Into Wyoming – 22 September

  1. Scott says:

    You will love Pinedale. Get some good eats and some good rest there as the Basin is a long dry haul!
    I hope everything else is going well!
    Talk to you soon!

    • gyatsola says:

      Hey Scott, hope your ride is going well, Im looking forward to Pinedale but can’t stay long, winter is catching up on me! I and to defrost the bike saddle this morning before leaving..Daytime weather is perfect though.

  2. Gromit says:

    Hi hi hi,
    I like the picture above, a remarkable road name 😉
    I’ve been following your trip and very enjoy reading this blog.
    It is great what you are doing !!! How is your health at the moment?

    Chok Dee na ja

    P.s…not only you who have problems with Ipad 🙂

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