Elkhorn Hot Springs

Two days out of Butte and a day late I’m at Elkorn, a tiny and basic little resort in the Beaverhead National Forest. I detoured around Fleecer, bit I still found it tough going. There have been a couple of big climbs which have been relatively easy but very time consuming as they seem to go on forever. Today I was climbing almost continuously for 29 miles. In total, I’ve done 80 miles the last two days which is disappointing as about half has been on pavement, which should (in theory) be a lot quicker. The weather though has been pretty nice, and the scenery absolutely magnificent, maybe my favorite landscapes so far in Montana – lots of high altitude (highest pass here has been just under 8000 feet) open forest and grazing land.

Tomorrow I go into very remote and almost unpopulated areas of southern Montana. Even campsites appear to be thin on the ground. There is a possible short cut I can take by hopping onto the highway to get to the village of Lima a day earlier – I’ll decide when I see the state of the trail.

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2 Responses to Elkhorn Hot Springs

  1. otbiking says:

    after your well deserved soak, thére´s a grea little diner in the settlement just before lima – it´s in an old church, and quite famous in these parts. I forget the name, but it´s on my blog (connection slow here).
    keep on truckin´! if the weather turns, you could detour to utah?? (moab….)

  2. gyatsola says:

    I’m at Big Springs now, close to Yellowstone-was going to go further south but ran out of daylight. Awesome day here, beautiful sunshine and great route past henrys lake. but everyone I meet says Im too late for Colorado! the aspens are yellow already, and forecast is for cold next week, so a detour may be needed. I. Hadn’t thought of Moab- now you’ve planted that idea in my mind it sounds very good….

    Is the diner you mean the Calf A? it looked intriguing. I was going to stay in Dell, but nowhere cheap to stay there so I went to Lima. Everyone there told me I should have tried the Calf A… Seems quite a famous place.

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