Where I’m at – 10th September 2010

Just a quick update on my current situation as I may not be able to update my blog for a little while (depending on if I stop for a day at Butte – otherwise there is a long stretch between there and the next town, Big Springs in Wyoming, next to Yellowstone Park).

I’ve been on the road now for a little over 3 weeks.  I’ve pretty much lost track of how far I’ve come!  I’ve done about 250 miles through Alberta and British Coumbia, and around 400 miles through Montana, with still quite a way to go – this is one hell of a big State!  So in total I’ve done about 1oookm which isn’t even a third of the way through – although I’m told that once I’m out of Montana there are fewer big passes which means eating up the miles is a lot easier.  The problems further south are very long stretches between towns meaning I have to stock up with lots of food, and sometimes two or more days of water.  But I’m feeling a lot stronger now than I did a couple of weeks ago, so I’m looking forward to it.

But from my calculations, i don’t think I can make the Mexican border by the end of October, which was my target.  Its still possible if I get the pace up, but its not easy!  But I will have a go at it.  But its more important to enjoy the ride, and I’m really enjoying my days off, exploring the towns and the National Parks on the way.

Butte is two days ride from here.  Marco mailed me last night to say that the first section is nearly impassable, due to heavy mud and mining activities that have shut off some of the road.  Even one of the motorbike trail riders that also sometimes follow the route got bogged down.  So I will do the ‘alternate’ route set out in the maps which is longer, but on better roads.  I’ll rejoin the main route at Basin tomorrow, then hopefully its a straightforward ride to Butte.

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