Labor Day weekend interlude

Holland lake was so nice I decided to stay over for a day, encouraged by a forecast for rain on Saturday.  Apart from being a lovely place, there is a nice little ‘lodge’ with a bar which meant I didn’t have to worry about running out of food until the next town.  Its unusual to get a facility like this in State forests, its apparently a ‘grandfather’ lease – i.e. it predates the original National Forest.  One thing I’ve learned about the forests here is that the Federal Forests are very seriously protected – they allow only the most minimal interference and almost all facilities apart from minimal roads are legacies from the days before they were protected.  Its quite common to find roads shut off completely, and allowed to revert to nature (these are of course wonderful mountain biking routes).  State forests are a much more dubious proposition – some of the facilities are nice, especially for fishermen, but they are clearly not well maintained or secured.  Its common to see people helping themselves to firewood and releasing grazing animals into them.

Holland Lake is the lowest of a series of upland glacial corrie lakes.  I followed a hiking trail up to a waterfall linking the two main lakes.

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