Another few miles chalked up- plus a few accidental ones. I got hopelessly lost outside Seeley and ended up hauling my bike through thick forest just to end up right back in town, so I didn’t get onto the right route until late in the day.

But after a lovely ride through open farmland I camped at one of the most beautiful spots yet – Coopers Lake. Now Labor Day is past everywhere seems empty, I had this vast lake and a lovely campground to myself. a pity it was so late I arrived it was already dark!

Today was a short ride up and over Huckleberry Pass-the profile looked tough, but it wasn’t too bad. Lincoln is a nice town – staying in a Motel called Three Bears – hard to resist a motel that has a sign up welcoming all adventure cyclists.

Off again tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be in Helena in two days time.

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One Response to Lincoln

  1. Leilei says:

    Thanks for sharing~ 🙂 I’d like to make my cycling plan too 😀

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