Bigfork to Seeley Lakes

Another 3 hard days of riding gone and still not half way through Montana yet! It’s slow going. After Bigfork I had a nice ride through lush farmland before hitting the big climbs again – this time a 2500 foot ridge up over the Swan River Valley before plunging down again into another Federal Park, this one low and swampy and mosquito infested. I found a nice riverside camping spot which was peaceful up to about 3am when a constant stream of logging trucks started flying past on the narrow dirt road, clattering over a timber bridge. This was enough to convince me to skip the next section by sticking to the main highway, then rejoining the dirt road in time for a wonderful stretch of singletrack through thick forest along the foothills of the Mission Mountains. I camped in beautiful Holland Lake – so nice I stayed a day to do some hiking in the Flathead National Forest above it. Today’s ride – supposed to be a very tough but spectacular ride over the next ridge was foiled – for unexplained reasons the tracks have been closed to the public. I had to backtrack and find an alternative route to Seeley. I arrived in biting cold and rain, feels like winter here already.

in three days I should be Helena, and in Butte by next weekend. With luck I’ll find a proper web cafe in one of those towns so I can post some pics and a proper account.

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4 Responses to Bigfork to Seeley Lakes

  1. Caren says:

    three days is long time, how’s your feeling about riding so far? get tired? that’s a little bit crazy to ride for 2 month for me. but you sound really enjoy it. i am looking forward to see your new pics lol

    • gyatsola says:

      The cycling is getting easier the more I do, that’s the great thing about a long trip. My problem now isn’t being tired, its being hungry all the time! In Seeley I had breakfast in a roadside place and the waitress thought I made a mistake because I ordered two breakfasts…

  2. otbiking says:

    montana does seem to go on and on!
    btw, did you end up getting an ipad?

    • gyatsola says:

      Yup, it is a bit big! I’m happy now the landscape is changing, Im getting a bit tired of endless evergreen forest. It’s making me look forward to the big open spaces of Wyoming.

      and yes, I got the iPad – one reason for short responses is that typing is horrible on it. And I can’t get the word press app working, so i can’t post pics with it. Otherwise, it’s pretty cool.

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