Big feet or forks

A nice, relatively easy cycle today to the town of Bigfork, which I’ve been confusing locals by calling Bigfoot. I’m not the only one fortunately, an English guy in a BMW asked me directions (did he really think I looked like a local on my loaded bike?) to Bigfoot. so I sent him the wrong way of course. It’s an odd sort of place, very chi-chi, looks like an old western town but very obviously modern. Like most tourist towns here it is stuffed with shops selling bronze grizzly bears, where the ‘real’ local towns are stuffed with Realtor offices.

Today’s route was largely flat, following lovely local farm roads. I was late starting as it poured rain all morning. It rained again the afternoon, fortunately I could shelter in a cafe (not many on this route) before setting off again about 3pm. I got to a motel here by 7pm.

Tomorrow its back up into the dirt roads and mountains. I reckon about 4 days riding before I get to the next substantial town, Helena. Maybe I’ll be able to post pics then-I give up on Apple apps for blogging, totally useless, they won’t let me post pics.

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