I’m in Whitefish now, a nice little town of 5000 people, after a tough but fun 55 mile ride from Polebridge. On the advice of oliver in the North Fork hostel i took a longer route through some forest – Im glad I did the lovely paths were a nice distraction from the 4 hour haul over the ridge. but is is a lovely ride down to the town. Id post pics but once again, internet access is difficult here, no web cafes to be found and wifi is poor in most places. the AT&T 3G access on my iPad is a joke – completely useless, even in town.

The weather has been cold, but the rain has mostly held off. as Ive found the hills very tough Ive changed my gearing – down to a 38t ring, hope that helps a bit! I’ve also rearranged my kit a little – bought a backpack for water – I don’t have enough capacity to carry the water Ill need on the dry stretches.

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6 Responses to Whitefish

  1. Caren says:

    yes AT&T is sucks, sometimes i cant get internet and signal with my Iphone, but i am a big ban of apple, so i have no chooice lol

  2. otbiking says:

    how about putting a water bladder in your frame bag, and running a hose up past the handlebar? might be nicer than having any weight on your back.
    cara brought me a 800ml klean canteen (27 oz) that fit really nicely in water bottle cages on the fork, with some chopped inner tube round the neck to keep it stable. These bottles are great, by the way, and won’t degrade in the sun. And I run a minoura (topeak do the same) cage on the downtube to fit a 1.5 to 2l bottle.

    • gyatsola says:

      thanks Cass, as usual, great advice. I’ll look at getting bigger bottles on the foks (the plastic ones are popping out all the time now). I’ve just done my first 10 miles with the Wingnut bag I bought – nice bag, but with 3 litres in there it’s really heavy. wish I’d thought all this stuff thru before I left! I think Butte will be my next break so Ill have another go at redoing my packing.

  3. otbiking says:

    PS if you don’t have a water bottle mount on the downtube, you can easily hoseclamp/zip tie them on. That’s what I did, and they’re holding up fine. I’ve never had clearance issues either, and it keeps the weight nice and low.

  4. Mark says:

    Hi dude … I hope the form is mighty.

    Mark from Dublin here, Oliver in Polebridge told me you were up the road. I’m on the same trail but I’m not making as quick progress as I’d like. I got turned around at the border so lost two days there … I turned around last night at Red Meadow Lake as it was just too wet to pitch … rain is still here so i might just stay here a day as there are so few hostels on route and i want a dry day in Whitefish to explore the town and recable my bike.

    Anyway, I hope you are enjoying it and don’t be surprised if I bump into you up the road at some point.

    Have fun

    • gyatsola says:

      hey Mark, I just left Whitefish, Im in a cafe in Columbia Falls waiting for the rain to ease – hopefully Ill be in Bigfork by tonight. I’m sure you’ll catch up, Im going very slow now! check out Glacier Cyclery when you get to Whitefish, great shop, and the Green Tea place just down the road for breakfast. you’ll enjoy Whitefish, nice place. remember this is a holiday weekend, so don’t arrive too late or every bed will be taken. ride down after Red Meadow is nice, enjoy it-say hello to Oliver for me, North Fork is a great place.

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