A break in Polebridge

No more pics for now, Im off grid in every sense. I’m in a lovely hostel in the tiny town of Polebridge, Montana, right next to Glacier National Park. i intended to pass by, but is so nice here I stopped for a rest and to do a little hiking in the national Park. I got here after two days of hard riding. – a total of 200 km from Fernie. one day down across the US border to stay at Eureka, then a ride over a 3000 foot ridge on rough tracks in yet more Grizzly country till I arrived here. The town consists of a handful of houses, one amazing 100 year old Mercantile store that has everything from fresh cooked Gratin to outdoor supplies. There is no power supply or phone line here, everything is provided with solar power, diesel generator or propane lamp, with wifi/phone using satellite.

I’ll be on my way in a a day or two next stop the town of Whitefish.

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2 Responses to A break in Polebridge

  1. Caren says:

    i am wondering that how ppl live without phone and internet in the past?

  2. gyatsola says:

    I think they amused Themselves by hunting Grizzlies or something. that’s probably why they still do it in Montana…..

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