South from Spray Lakes

The second day was very different – it felt very isolated – I didn’t see anyone for many hours.  The trail went from along a reservoir, deep into some woods where I met two French hikers. I immediately knew they were bike tourers as the first thing they did was check out what tyres I’m running! 

Incidentally, the above pic was my first experiment with ‘landscape’ mode on my Sony NEX-3 – great camera so far.

Some parts of the forest were burnt out, giving the landscape an air of something out of Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’.  But mostly it was lush and beautiful.

I didn’t make my tarket for the day – the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.  I was persuaded by some friendly hikers to join them in a local guesthouse – budget bustingly expensive, but really nice, with great food and my first sight of a moose.

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2 Responses to South from Spray Lakes

  1. Vili Maunula says:

    Thanks for the pictures! The scenery looks stunning (minus the teddy poo).

  2. Well done Philip! Keep going…it only gets better!

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