Leaving Banff – 18th August

It’s hard not to like Banff, even if a town with the same number of Louis Vuitton shops as grocery stores (one of each) is not really within my budget! but I got the bike together with the help of Scott, and on the 18th August it was time to leave.

The divide ride starts at the very grand Banff Springs Hotel. After a mere 200 metres I had to turn back! I met a man with two dogs who said his dogs just disturbed a grizzly cub in the bush, and he left very fast in case mom bear arrived, and he suggested I do the same. so I did, straight back to the carpark! So after a half and hour I set off again, vigorously a ringing my bike bell to let mom and cub know I was coming.

the first days ride was tough – a mere 30km or so on rough rising tracks, only meeting a handful of mountain bikers all day. It’s amazing how empty the forests area so close to a big tourist hub like Banff.

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