At the starting post

No pics yet (too lazy to take my camera with me), but after a long trip, I’m in Banff now, just half a mile from the official start point, the Banff Springs Hotel.  Its a really beautiful town, nestled in among high peaks.  Its touristy, but in a nice way.  The bike is more or less together now, tomorrow I need to shop for my remaining kit, plus about 3 days food for the first leg, down to the town of Fernie, about 150 miles south.  If the weather holds, it should be lovely.  Everyone tells me the bears here are very friendly (they shoot them if they are not).

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5 Responses to At the starting post

  1. Caren says:

    3 days food must be very heavy! but dont close to the bears anyway, cuz you need a gun first 🙂

  2. Henry Davis says:

    Hi, Best of luck on your journey and enjoy. Will keep in touch.

  3. otbiking says:

    get some pictures up soon so I can see the bike in action!
    enjoy the amazing trails ahead!

  4. Henry says:

    Hi Hope you enjoy your rough mountain trip, will keep in touch.

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