The bike

The most important thing about a bike trip of course is… the bike.  This is how mine looked just a few weeks ago.


It improved a bit after a paint job.

And with the addition of a few important bits, its was all ready 2 weeks ago.

This is it – a custom built bike by Robin Mather.  I can only be blamed for the colour choice.

All it needs is a rack, two Ortlieb Panniers, and some bags now ready for me in Banff, made by Scott from Porcelain Rocket.

For bike nerds, the frame is Reynolds Steel with Sandsmachine couplers and a Rohloff drop-out.  The rims are Rigida Grizzlies (hopefully the only Grizzlies I’ll encounter out there), built on a Rohloff speedhub on the rear, and a SON Dynamo hub on the front.  Front brake is an Avid Elexir hydraulic disk brake, rear is XT rim brake.  The weird looking seatpost is a Cane Creek suspension post.  The cranks are Shimano XT with outboard bearings, the pedals XTR.  The front suspension fork (replacing a lovely rigid fork made for me by Robin) is a Magura Odur.  The handlebars are straight H-Bars from Jeff Jones.

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6 Responses to The bike

  1. otbiking says:

    hey phil, quick question, what do you think of the ‘duremes’? maybe you should run a more aggressive ‘extreme’ at the front for the Great Divide?

  2. gyatsola says:

    Hi Cass, I’ve put a dureme on the back wheel and extreme on the front – it feels much lighter than the XR and feels good on the road so far. I only had a quick ride on some gravelly roads – it felt nice and secure, so far so good. I’ll let you know after 2k km if its a good choice!

    BTW, sorry the comment went for moderation – I’m still working out how to set the blog up, still trying to find out how I can ‘unclick’ that setting.

  3. otbiking says:

    thanks philip – the moderation setting is normal. once I’ve been ‘accepted’, you won’t have to do it again. stops spam and rubbish…
    cara is joining me for a few weeks, and bringing out some duremes too. I’m interested to see how it holds up compared to the XR.
    Enjoy the ride!

  4. gyatsola says:

    Ah, I see how it works 🙂

    I just packed up everything – 26kg total for the two hold bags, hope I don’t get stung too badly for weight. Really, I thought I’d manage it lighter this time, but I still end up with far too much kit.

  5. Vili Maunula says:

    Have fun, and post pictures! A couple of questions though, just out of curiosity:

    1) How much does a bike like that cost?

    2) Where do you hang the bags? Don’t tell me you are just taking one of those tiny bags that they show at the Porcelain Rocket website?

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